Genoa - Mild

One of our best sellers Genoa Salami paired with Smooth Fontina Cheese and La Panzanella crackers. Mild, smooth, flavorful.

Sopressata - Mild 

A new flavor by Olli Salumeria Sopressata flavorful salami paired with mild cheddar and La Panzanella crackers. 


Calabrese - Spicy

Another one of our Best Seller Snack Pack Calabrese Spicy Salami paired with Sharp Asiago Cheese and La Panzanella crackers. 


Prosciutto - Flavorful

Another one of new flavor Snack Packs Prosciutto paired with mozzarella cheese and La Panzanella crackers. 


Olli Sliced-Chubs



Genoa sliced chubs is considered to be the pork product capital of Italy and the butchers there are among the best in the world. It's fitting that our salami is simply seasoned with just salt and white pepper, allowing the flavor of our premium pork to shine through.



Sopressata is a robust salami flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic. It has a memorable, classic salami taste that embodies all that we love about this cured meat.



Calabrese gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika, making it zesty but not overpowering. Calabria is a region in Italy known for its spicy foods. 



This tangy and flavorful salami mirrors the traditional pork product used in many popular, American meals. It can be featured on pizza and sandwiches or enjoyed simply sliced with some good bread and cheese.