Genoa Pre-Sliced
Mild | 4oz

Genoa  is simply seasoned with just salt and white pepper, allowing the flavor of our premium pork to shine through.

Sopressata pre-sliced
flavorful | 4oz

Sopressata is a robust salami flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic. It has a memorable, classic salami taste that embodies all that we love about this cured meat.


Napoli pre-sliced
mild | 4oz

Traditional to the smoked salami from Naples, Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor. Its mild taste makes it a great snack to pair with an assortment of wines, cheeses and beyond.


Toscano pre-sliced
mild | 4oz

Given the name "Toscano," Florence fennel ("finocchio" in Italian) grows wild in the Tuscan hills and is closely associated with the regional cuisine. Fennel pollen conveys a slight, licorice-like aroma that has made it the pork-enhancer of choice for generations.


Calabrese pre-sliced
Spicy | 4oz

Our spicy Calabrese gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika, making it zesty but not overpowering. Calabria is a region in Italy known for its spicy foods.


Pepperoni pre-sliced
Spicy | 4oz

Pepperoni is our classically American salami that can be enjoyed on pizza, sandwiches or sliced and served with your choice of cheese.